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Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services

Pima County Courthouse
Pima County Courthouse, Tucson

Business owners and their attorneys can count on our financial advisory skills in the litigation support environment and on our experience, credentials and education in providing expert witness testimony in support of damage calculation and other findings

Lynton Kotzin
Because of the complex and uncertain nature of litigation, it is crucial that the financial expert possess the ability to perform sophisticated financial analyses and communicate conclusions in litigation support, in a manner that can be understood by the non-financial professional.
Kotzin Valuation Partners provides services to attorneys and their clients requiring litigation support for various business and intellectual property valuation purposes, as well as quantification of lost profits and other economic damages.
Our professionals have been admitted as experts in state and federal courts and have provided expert witness testimony in the following areas:
"You are consistently objective in your opinions, regardless of who has requested your services. As a trial lawyer, I need to be advised of the weaknesses of my case, as well as the strengths, so that my client can make educated decisions based on objective criteria. I can count on you to be that objective voice. Your services are sought out not just because you are at the pinnacle in your field of expertise, but because your honesty and forthrightness give you valued credibility with the lawyers and judges in every case in which you are retained.”
Certifications: Our designations and certifications attests to our valuation professionals' credibility and skill
Industry Knowledge: Kotzin Valuation Partners offers experience with companies in every major economic sector
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