Intangible Asset Valuation

Intangible Asset and Intellectual Property Valuation

For many companies, intangible assets ― customer lists, contracts, trade secrets and other intellectual property ― are among their most valuable.

Kotzin Valuation Partners offers extensive experience in the valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets for a wide variety of corporate and business purposes, including financial reporting and tax planning.
Our intellectual property experience includes:
  • trade names and trademarks
  • customer contracts, lists and relationships
  • assembled workforce
  • patented and unpatented technology
  • developed software technology and IPR&D
  • non-compete agreements
Kotzin Valuation Partners also has a deep understanding of how to determine the remaining economic useful life of such assets. Our intellectual property valuations are prepared for financial reporting purposes in the context of purchase price allocations and impairment testing. We also perform intellectual property valuations for tax planning purposes, corporate reorganizations, and transfers of assets between legal entities.

Purposes for Valuing Intellectual Property

The intellectual property of a company may need to be valued for a variety of reasons, including:
Representative Engagements: Summaries of recent business valuation engagements
Certifications: Our designations and certifications attests to our valuation professionals' credibility and skill
Industry Knowledge: Kotzin Valuation Partners offers experience with companies in every major economic sector
Valuing Intangible Assets: An intangible asset of seemingly low value can provide a welcome surprise when it is properly appraised
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