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Commercial Bankruptcy

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Valuing a company in or on the verge of bankruptcy involves considerations that go beyond growth, risk and cash flow.

In bankruptcy, traditional valuation tools and methodologies may need to be adjusted – if they are applicable at all – so as not to overstate business value. Also, the standard-of-value terminology or premise-of-value decision may differ from traditional circumstances, and case law and other sources may provide clearer guidance than the Bankruptcy Code or state statutes.
Kotzin Valuation Partners helps attorneys and their clients meet the unique valuation needs of the bankruptcy environment.
In addition, with extensive bankruptcy, restructuring, reorganization and turnaround experience, our professionals provide valuable insight in addressing the needs of distressed businesses.

Bankruptcy Valuation Services

Kotzin Valuation Partners assists bankruptcy attorneys in:
  • assessing viability and prospects for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization
  • preparing short-term and long-term cash flow projections for bankrupt companies
  • assessing the value of business units to be sold
  • advising creditors on the value of distressed assets
  • evaluating asset sale prices and offers
  • determining interest rates for cram-down loans
  • determining collateral and reorganization values
  • advising creditors in accepting a reorganization plan
  • performing the “best interests of creditors” test
  • determining solvency for recovery actions, including preferential transfers, preference payments and fraudulent conveyance
  • assessment of adequate protection
  • determining whether the “absolute priority rule” is violated
  • determining the value of intangible assets for fresh start reporting and collateral evaluation purposes

Bankruptcy Valuation Experience

The bankruptcy experience of Kotzin Valuation's Arizona professionals includes:
More About: Our commercial bankruptcy and reorganization services
Representative Engagements: Summaries of recent business valuation engagements
Certifications: Our designations and certifications attests to our valuation professionals' credibility and skill
Industry Knowledge: Kotzin Valuation Partners offers experience with companies in every major economic sector
Business Valuation Issues in Bankruptcy  With the increased volume of bankruptcy filings and corporate distress that accompanied the 2008 economic downturn, valuation specialists were engaged to provide opinions of value that are a critical component of any meaningful assessment of value at different points in the bankruptcy process.
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