Client Testimonials and Court Findings

"Your services are sought out not just because you are at the pinnacle in your field of expertise, but because your honesty and forthrightness give you valued credibility with the lawyers and judges in every case in which you are retained."

Comments about Kotzin Valuation Partners' business valuation and litigation support services, from attorneys, judges, CPAs and clients.

"The court as factfinder views Mr. Kotzin as a credible and impressive expert witness, whose conclusions appeared logical and supported." – Judge, U.S. District Court

"The jury came back with a verdict in our favor. Several jurors singled you out as the most credible witness. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for putting up with all my questions." – Partner, Phoenix law firm

"You and your company did an outstanding job. You approached the project very professionally, looked at mountains of documents and listened to hours of discussion and lobbying. I appreciate everything you did and the professional way you did it." – Partner, Phoenix law firm

"[T]he testimony of Lynton Kotzin was credible for … reasons set forth in par. 23 of the Interim Award, and the testimony of the several partners supported Mr. Kotzin’s findings[.]" – American Arbitration Association ruling

"You did an excellent job at the arbitration hearing. You were very up-to-date with all of the facts and testified in a convincing manner." – Partner, Phoenix law firm

"[You are] very stable and experienced practitioners who give good solid counsel." – Partner, national law firm, Phoenix

“The work completed by Don Wenk in the course of preparing the business valuation was exceptional. Mr. Wenk was timely, responsive, and able to explain his conclusions in a way that litigators and jurors could understand. Of the many experts who testified, Mr. Wenk was the most qualified, and he presented as a very knowledgeable and fair witness in front of the jury. I would highly recommend Mr. Wenk to others and would most certainly use him again.” – Partner, Denver law firm

"The Court finds Mr. Kotzin's valuation to be more credible. [The opposing expert] essentially ignored the January 2011 transaction in his valuation." – Judge, Maricopa County Superior Court

"We have retained Kotzin Valuation Partners twice now to complete appraisals of our restaurant company. Both engagements were handled in a timely, professional manner. I found their processes both detailed and thorough, yet very customer friendly. Their staff was courteous and efficient. I would recommend their services highly and would not hesitate in giving them very high marks." – Scottsdale restaurant franchisee

"Thank you for a job well done. You did a tremendous job in the months of work and were invaluable at the mediation. I feel very comfortable recommending you to future clients." – Scottsdale attorney
"Of the three witnesses who gave opinion testimony about the value of [the business], Lynton Kotzin was the most persuasive." – Judge, Maricopa County Superior Court

"The Court further finds that the business valuator was credible and that the various approaches taken by the business valuator conclude with a similar number [and] that Husband’s arguments regarding deficiencies in the business valuation lacked merit."
– Judge, Maricopa County Superior Court

"I just wanted to express my appreciation for how quickly [Tim Kolstad] responded to our request. While we always say we need everything 'ASAP,' this time we really did, and you went above and beyond." – Hospital executive

"The Judge said on the record that you were 'very credible' and demonstrated an excellent understanding of Till and an appropriate reliance on the markets. Again, great work!!!" – Partner, Phoenix law firm

"For a few reasons, the Court finds Mr. Kotzin's opinion more persuasive than [opposing expert]'s opinion." – Judge, Maricopa County Superior Court

"You are consistently objective in your opinions, regardless of who has requested your services. As a trial lawyer, I need to be advised of the weaknesses of my case, as well as the strengths, so that my client can make educated decisions based on objective criteria. I can count on you to be that objective voice. Your services are sought out not just because you are at the pinnacle in your field of expertise, but because your honesty and forthrightness give you valued credibility with the lawyers and judges in every case in which you are retained." – Phoenix attorney

"Moreover, we find Respondents’ damages expert’s testimony and rationale more credible and better supported than that of Claimants’ expert. Accordingly, even if we were to find for Claimants on liability, we would not have awarded any damages."
Final arbitration award, American Arbitration Association panel
(Lynton Kotzin served as Respondents' damages expert)

"Your firm does very good work. It is always a pleasure to review." – Partner, international accounting firm, Los Angeles

"It was a pleasure getting the chance to work with you. Please know that I would highly recommend you to anyone who might need your services." – President, Scottsdale-based marketing firm

"In determining the value of the medical practice, which is a community asset, the court finds that the reasons set forth by Mr. Kotzin for his valuation and the valuation date are well supported." – Maricopa County Superior Court judge
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